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Joseph J. Thomas

Dentist in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Dr. Joe Thomas Dentistry

Fort Lauderdale Dentist

Dr. Thomas is a general dentist and has a passion for excellence in dental health and aesthetic reconstruction.

Dr. Joe Thomas established a state-of-the-art dental practice in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Practicing general dentistry and providing nonsurgical and surgical care to thousands of citizens in Florida, with a strong emphasis on surgery, dental implant placement, extreme makeovers, cosmetic reconstruction, public education, and prevention of dental disease.

Some of Dr. Joe Thomas hobbies include Philanthropy, full contact Martial Arts, and vacation travel with his wife Beth and children, Curran and Kritika.

Dr. Maria Eugenia Thomas


Dr. Thomas Fort Lauderdale

Maria Eugenia Thomas, DMD has joined Dr. Joe Thomas’ practice in the Ft. Lauderdale area early in 2018.

Dr. Maria Thomas is a graduate fromTufts University School of Dental Medicine located in Boston. Before studying dentistry, she attended Florida State University for her undergraduate career. Even though she loved living in a big city, Dr. Maria was ready to leave the New England winters and return to the warm weather and beautiful Florida beaches.

Dr. Maria Thomas is originally from Venezuela, and immigrated to Weston, FL in 2002. Being from Venezuela, Dr. Thomas is proficient in English and Spanish. Growing up in different cultures has given her the opportunity to better understand and treat patients of various backgrounds.

Dr. Maria Thomas believes dentistry is about helping others and improving their lives. As a dentist, one is able to relieve pain, enhance esthetics and improve function. Dr. Maria Thomas counts it a privilege to treat her patients and takes great pride in being able to serve the community on a daily basis.

In her spare time, Dr. Maria enjoys traveling, attending yoga classes and reading.

Dr. Mariel Petruk


Dr. Petruk Fort Lauderdale

As a graduate from the New York University College of Dentistry DDS program, Dr. Mariel Petruk has clinical experience in arguably one of the busiest dental clinics in the country, serving a large percentage of the area’s most medically compromised patients. Not only was her clinical training thorough and rigorous, it incorporated treating those in severe need of dental care with limited access to resources. This became a passion of hers, demonstrated by an outreach trip to Nicaragua to serve those most in need; just one of the many instances she donated her time as a clinician. As a resident of South Florida for eighteen years, Dr. Petruk was committed to returning to the south Florida area to serve the health care needs of the local community. Her experience at the NYU Dental Clinic has taught her how to address clients professionally and respectfully, discuss their concerns, and manage their frustrations.

Dr. Petruk demonstrates a superior level of comprehension and a keen ability to integrate the different disciplines of dentistry in a comprehensive manner. She has a firm understanding of the underlying rationale of the treatment she is delivering to her patients. She has a wonderful work ethic and possesses the highest level of integrity. Dr. Petruk has superior clinical skills that are equally coupled with compassionate delivery. She also speaks fluent Spanish, which not only further helps patients in explaining symptoms, but also helps patients understand the treatment they're getting.

Dr. Petruk is actively involved in the local dental society, and was even selected as a voting member to the House of Delegates in the American Student Dental Association. She is passionate about continuing dental education; she delves beyond the superficial scope of any subject by immersing herself and attaining the greatest amount of knowledge she possibly can. In her downtime, she enjoys exercising and spending time at the beautiful South Florida beaches and surrounding areas kayaking, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

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